Tris Tras Collection

- YEAR: 2003
- TEXT: Sergi Càmara
- ILLUSTRATIONS: Several Artists
- PUBLISHER: Parramón Ediciones (Spanish) - Marshall Cavendish (English)

Collection Description:

By: Mey Choo (Tue, 14 Jun 2005)

These books come under the Comfort for little Minds series aimed at giving parents some guidelines to tackle tha many life issues that may plague their tiny tots.
More importantly, they allow parents to soothe and calm their child's fears or satisfy their child's innate curiosity through easy-to-understand stories and explanations.
Issues such as dispelling a child's fear of hidden monsters, whether in his head or under the bed (Dear Monsters), sibling jealousy (It's Great to Have Brother), answering his curiosity about the creation of life (Where Do I Come From?) - all these are handled sensibly and simple terms easily understood by young minds.
At the end of each book, there is a guide for parents prepared by Elena Angulo, which expounds further on the title, teaching parents how to approach the issue and the story that illustrates it, the way to tackle the problems that come with it and even to go on from that to other related ideas.
For example, in Dear Monsters, author Camara and illustrator Escandell show the many fearful things and situations that may frighten a child, such as the dark, animals, or going to the doctor/dentist, and then, allow these fears to "talk" to the child to dispel them.
In the parent guide, Angulo teaches parents when and how to tell the story in the book, explains the meaning of fear and its many manifestations and how they affect their child, and the proper way for parents to handle this subject.
Each book in this series, which was originally in Spanish, is written and presented in such a way that parents can make use of it repeatedly to tackle various aspects of the subject matter, or as a handy reminder for young minds.